Recharge RIMAC – download report here

Recharge RIMAC - download report here

Executive Summary
This report outlines key findings from a feasibility analysis of potential quality improvements for RIMAC’s (Recreation IntraMural Athletic Complex) energy consumption to enhance costs savings. By identifying sustainable and cost-effective quality improvements for RIMAC’s energy use, our recommendations can enhance the facility’s energy efficiency by 12%. We target areas that present the largest gains from improvement with the lowest cost. RIMAC average annual electricity consumption totals 240 GWh translating to $211,145 of annual energy costs. The report outlines potential system changes and determines their efficiency, cost savings and investment feasibility.
The results suggest that there are significant measures that RIMAC facilities staff and users can implement to reduce energy consumption and increase UCSD’s green campus profile.
Key Findings and Recommendations:
• RIMAC’s energy efficiency can increase by 12% and annual energy costs can be reduced by $25,751.33 by implementing behavioral and lighting changes in conjunction with retrofitting and installing new gym equipment. We recommend maximizing the benefits of these energy reductions through increased publicity and marketing impact, which will have spillover effects increasing environmentally conscious behavior on campus.
• Retrofitting and installing efficient fitness equipment has significant annual cost savings amounting to $3,512.08 with an initial investment of $1,500. These savings are augmented with intangible benefits such as good public relations and marketing impact. We recommend that RIMAC purchase more energy efficient treadmills in 2013 while continuing to retrofit ellipticals and stationary bikes to generate energy.
• Our analysis shows that solar panels are not feasible due to high capital costs and minimal energy generation. In addition, the payback period for the investment did not fall under the Facilities Planning and Management criteria for solar panel payback.
• Lighting changes represent one of the largest annual cost savings totaling $8,263.75. We suggest switching from metal halides to high bay florescent lighting in the racquetball courts and auxiliary gym.
• Behavioral changes represent one of the largest cost savings with little associated cost. For an expected 10% decrease in lighting energy use in conjunction with significant changes in computer power management, there is an associated annual savings of $8,340.66. We recommend implementing GreenSwitch technology and behavioral changes to maximize cost savings and reduce environmental impact.

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