Courses I am teaching

Here are recent or current syllabuses (syllabi?) of courses I’m teaching. In past years I have taught a variety of other courses.

Spring 2015 to 2018: Big Data Analytics. (New course number: GPIM 452)  Course web site. Massive data sets + new tools have provided new methods of learning about the world. This course is an introduction to non-conventional statistical analysis, emphasizing analysis for decision making rather than for scientific insight. Most of the problems and data sets are taken from business situations. Although still mildly controversial among academics, these techniques are much in demand among employers right now (2015). Other buzz-words: Data mining, machine learning, data science. We use the computer language R, but with a package called Rattle as the front end.

Spring 2015: (not taught in 2016) Health Care Quality (IRGN 490) This courses introduces the health care industry from the perspective of making it work better: operational effectiveness. It does double duty as a course in modern quality management. Quality management in health care is decades behind the leading edge of manufacturing, aviation, and other industries. We will study specific quality management techniques (statistical process control, six sigma, etc.), and apply them to reducing iatrogenic diseases in hospitals, a major cause of death in America. Syllabus:  HCq syllabus 2014c

Spring 2016 Understanding Technogical Change. A capstone course for a one year executive master’s program.

For students: Most of these courses are administered through Blackboard (Tritoned is the name at UCSD).

For faculty: I have various notes, case studies, and lectures for these courses. In most of these courses I use a variety of HBS case studies.

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