Track your car’s health and location without a monthly fee

This is how home IoT ought to work. But overall, this service is going to figure in a lot of divorce lawsuits! Excerpts from the article: 

Two of my favorite Automatic features are trip and parking reports. After you park your car, the app displays when and where it was parked. There is even a link for walking directions that displays a Google map showing how to walk to your car. You can also manually set a “meter reminder” and take a picture of where you parked. (Even without the app I sometimes photograph nearby businesses or street signs or parking lot signs in case I forget where I parked.)


The trip report shows your starting and ending locations, the time and distance of the trip, your miles per gallon and how much the trip costs. For example, on Tuesday I drove from Menlo Park to San Francisco. The app told me that it took one hour and 10 minutes to traverse 29.9 miles. My 2016 Prius got 64 miles per gallon and the trip cost about $1.35 for gas.

You can also use the IFTTT protocols (“If This Then That”) to link Automatic to all sorts of other devices such as automatically turning down your Nest thermostat when you leave home, being notified if the car leaves a certain geographic area, log trips to a Google spreadsheet or turn on your lights when you arrive home. It’s surprisingly easy to configure these from within the Automatic app

Source: Track your car’s health and location without a monthly fee – Silicon Valley

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