Tumblr? Pinterest? What should I use?

What’s a good place to put supplemental information, especially photos and tables, for my book? I have a lot of old photographs, and putting them into the book itself gets expensive. Some are in color and some are very large. Here are a few examples.
I could set up my own site, or use my publisher’s, but places like Tumblr know how to run photo sites. The ideal features I want include being able to link to pictures on other sites (due to copyright restrictions), able to create tables of contents, etc. Straight chronology won’t suffice.

Obvious candidates

include Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram. I don’t use any of them except to dabble, so I don’t know their strengths. Possibly Twitter or Facebook?

All advice welcome. Email me, or post comments here.

3 thoughts on “Tumblr? Pinterest? What should I use?

  1. Hi Professor,
    It sounds like a platform like Tumblr would be able to support the features you mention. I don’t believe Pinterest or Instagram allows one to create a table of contents, but those sites would help drive traffic through the “pins” and “tagging” features. Facebook could be a good option as it allows you to create and label albums, which could serve as a table of content. It’s very common to see Facebook pages ranging from restaurants to causes, so establishing one for a book seems sensible. Hope this gives you a better idea of the strengths of each. Best of luck!

    • Angela, thanks so much for this. My daughter said something similar although she did not consider Facebook.
      Tumblr may be ideal – I will investigate further. Of course, my goals expand as I consider what the ideal system would include.

  2. Professor,
    Tumblr is great if you simply have photos and photos of tables/other content to upload. If interaction with social media is not nearly as important as indexing, you may want to open a separate Google Account to upload your files and use a Chrome extension such as gLinks or LinkTo to include links as items within the folders. In the ideal situation, what you would have is a shareable public folder where any photo, content, or link to outside content is accessible with one click.

    Take the suggestion with a grain of salt, however, as I have only begun experimenting with add-ons (I tried to create a flow chart diagram in Google Docs two weeks ago) and extensions and have yet to vouch for the URL-linking extensions. Good luck!

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