How American Health Care Killed My Father – Magazine – The Atlantic

The problems with the US Health care system are at their root not so complicated. This author seems to have done a pretty good assessment, with a year of research. The “system” is very good at delivering elaborate procedures and medications; there are few incentives for anything else. And it turns out that elaborate procedures are a gamble.  The old joke was “The surgery was a success, but the patient died!” But it’s no longer a joke.

Like every grieving family member, I looked for someone to blame for my father’s death. But my dad’s doctors weren’t incompetent—on the contrary, his hospital physicians were smart, thoughtful, and hard-working.

Nor is he dead because of indifferent nursing—without exception, his nurses were dedicated and compassionate. Nor from financial limitations—he was a Medicare patient, and the issue of expense was never once raised. There were no greedy pharmaceutical companies, evil health insurers, or other popular villains in his particular tragedy.Indeed, I suspect that our collective search for villains—for someone to blame—has distracted us and our political leaders from addressing the fundamental causes of our nation’s health-care crisis. All of the actors in health care—from doctors to insurers to pharmaceutical companies—work in a heavily regulated, massively subsidized industry full of structural distortions. They all want to serve patients well. But they also all behave rationally in response to the economic incentives those distortions create. Accidentally, but relentlessly, America has built a health-care system with incentives that inexorably generate terrible and perverse results. Incentives that emphasize health care over any other aspect of health and well-being. That emphasize treatment over prevention. That disguise true costs. That favor complexity, and discourage transparent competition based on price or quality.

via How American Health Care Killed My Father – Magazine – The Atlantic.

One thought on “How American Health Care Killed My Father – Magazine – The Atlantic

  1. My father was murdered less than 2 years ago in California by doctors. They are allowed to sue the estate to seek money. My dad’s insurance covered the majority. The doctors who live in apartments killed him hoping they could sue for his house. They are still going after my Mom and they let them charge whatever they want. It is bullshit. The coroner said ya we he was poisoned. You cannot sue in that state so, my Mom is left in the poor house. They still want to steal his modest house. He worked hard all his life and was a college graduate. I hope they rot in hell or are killed too. It was horrible to go through seeing him dead and not being able to sue for the crime due to a 1970s law. I hate Mexican California. It sucks. He suffered so much you would not believe it.

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