TOM IRGN438 course information

This post is for students who want to take my course, Technology and Operations Management, IRGN438, but have not been able to register. Here is the syllabus. Take a careful look, and realize that it involves a considerable amount of work. If you want permission to take the course, please send me an email with:

  • TOM14 in the subject line
  • Your resume
  • What program are you in (Major field, university, country)?
  • Why this is relevant to your goals   – 2 sentences.

I will respond by email, but unfortunately exchange students need my physical signature. Then you have to get the form stamped at IRPS student affairs. And then you need to take it to UCSD Extension. I suspect this multi-step process is designed this way due to internal politics at UCSD, but that is speculation.

TOM14 syllabus B 2014-10-02

I will post additional instructions here as comments, for anyone who has my permission to sign up but has not yet gotten officially enrolled in the Ted system.

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “TOM IRGN438 course information

  1. The first course assignment has been posted on Ted. If you are not registered, you cannot get on Ted (Catch-22). Here it is:
    Read 3 sections:

    Introduction. General background reading. Complete it by the end of the week. In the McGraw-Hill reader
    Operations Management Reading: Process Analysis, by Roy Shapiro. In the Harvard packet.
    Prepare Kristen’s Cookie Company (A) It is in the McGraw-Hill reader, and I will attach it here.
    Instructions for analyzing the case:

    • 3.1 Do a thorough analysis of the production process. Start with a process flow diagram. You should calculate at least the following: bottleneck location, capacity

    per hour, throughput time/flow time (two names for the same concept) for an order, and labor time.

    • 3.2 If a customer calls at exactly 10pm and places an order, and there are two other orders ahead of them, when should they come to pick up the order?

    • 3.3 What would be the effect of adding a second mixer? A second oven?

    ▾ 3.4 Hand in, via this Ted assignment, one sentence answers to 3 questions. You can write your answers directly in the answer area, or submit as a separate PDF file.

    • 3.4.1 What is the bottleneck process?

    • 3.4.2 What is your capacity, in dozens of cookies per hour?

    • 3.4.3 What is the labor time per order, assuming all orders are for one dozen cookies? What is your labor cost?

    • 3.5 Optional: bake a dozen cookies in your kitchen.

    (In this course, you often need to use your judgment to fully analyze a case. )

  2. The McGraw Hill course reader is now available. Please buy it and read section 2, section 3 (Kristen’s Cookie Case), and by the end of next week Section 1 (Introduction).
    Here is the information on ordering the course reader from McGraw Hill. It’s about $53.

    Your McGraw-Hill Create™ eBook, Technology & Operations , is now available for purchase. Your students can locate and purchase the book online by following these simple steps:

    1. Go to
    2. Search for and select book by Title, ISBN, Author, or State/School.

      ISBN: 9781308343587

      Title: Technology & Operations

    3. Add the book to your cart and pay using a credit card or access code.

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