The IPKat – happy to serve the IP communities: Letter from AmeriKat I: Happy Holidays!

Can anyone point  to more blogs on intellectual property  issues? Most of what I have found is industry-written and one-sided. Pamela Samuelson at Berkeley does not appear to have a blog. This is an area where academics are surprisingly consistent, but we don’t seem to be doing much talking about it. (Most academics I’ve talked to agree that current IP protections are much stronger than is good for society in general.)  Here’s one note that I found:

In Geneva last Tuesday the Obama administration announced before a subcommittee of WIPO that it supported the WIPO Treaty for Sharing Accessible Formats of Copyright Works for Persons Who are Blind or Have other Reading Disabilities. The Treaty would lessen international copyright protection in order to enable cross-border distribution of DRM-protected digitized books that blind and visually disabled individuals can read with tools like Pac Mate and Victor Reader. …..

Such a move, of course, puts the administration at odds with many US industries including software manufacturers and motion pictures.

via The IPKat – happy to serve the IP communities: Letter from AmeriKat I: Happy Holidays!.

Here’s another site that looks relevant:


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