Language Log » Tracking a factoid to its lair

Our How Much Information? 2008 Consumer report continues to generate discussion. The comments that follow this blog entry in Language Log are quite interesting. I added my own comment – we’ll see how long it takes to go through their moderation process.

Matt Richtel, one of the leading current peddlers of the “technology is eating our brains” meme, is fond of this assertion:The average person today consumes almost three times as much information as what the typical person consumed in 1960, according to research at the University of California, San Diego.That version is the lead paragraph of the online site for his appearance on Fresh Air, “Digital Overload: Your Brain On Gadgets”, 8/24/2010. I was curious about what this sentence could mean, and more specifically, I wondered which UCSD researchers did the measurements, and what they they measured.

via Language Log » Tracking a factoid to its lair.

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